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In November 1930 Dolgellau FC beat Aberdovery 6-5 in the Cambrian Coast Amateur League. Weather was a strong factor in the result with driving rain and slippery conditions.The return fixture two weeks later saw Dolgellau beaten 10-2, with conditions again wet and slippery. Sandwiched between these games was a 2-1 defeat at Machynlleth. Dolgellau`s team then was (5-3-2); T. Parry; E Evans, H.P. Harris; R.W Parry, Archie Jones, E. Brown; H.P. Evans, I Jones, R.L. Roberts, R.G. Lewis, Joe RobertsYou might even find a record of the day in 1946 or thereabouts, when the Liverpool FC team played a friendly against Dolgellau, whilst on a pre-season tour. The team sheet could have included the names of Albert Stubbins (the Steven Gerrard of his day) and arguably the greatest Liverpool FC player of all time, Billy Liddell (the Flying Scotsman). Around the time that Liverpool first won the League after a lengthy barren spellMy interest in the original Dolgellau Football Club stems from the fact that I am as certain as one can be, given the time lapse since I lived there, that Mr.W H Roberts was on the committee of the Club.From Tony Robson - Why the request for old photographs? When I first visited in 2002 . It was during the Town Summer Festival, ( not Sesiwn Fawr). As I was walking about in the area of what used to be Davis,s Bakery Shop , --(where ,at weekends and during school holidays, I used to pipe the cream into the cream buns, under the watchful eye of Mr. Glyn Davis, prior to setting out in the Jowett Javelin van, to make bread and cake deliveries in the surrounding area)--, I noticed in a shop across the road, just before you turn down into Eldon Square, a picture of the Dolgellau Football Team of circa the 1950,s, and standing on the left of the team , in the picture,was Mr.Roberts. I should have gone into the shop and asked who owned the picture, but somehow, and for some reason, did not do so.He had played for the team in the early part of the 20th.Century. I would be very surprised, knowing him as I do, if he had not been connected with the team in some role or another until his death in 1957. You may well wonder why it is that I am asking for this information so long after leaving what had been my Home Town for almost 11 of my formative years, and to which I did not return, for whatever reason for 50 years.I was summarily removed from DGS and my foster home ,by my parents, and forced to return to my family, and my 7 siblings.Thereby ruining the excellent prospects about which they were notified by my late Headmaster.Mr.J.E.J.Jones, to no avail. Even worse their action will have broken Mr.Roberts heart. The last memory that I have of him, is of him standing in tears on the platform of Dolgellau Station as I set off on my return journey to Birkenhead escorted by an older brother. I was destined never to see him again. I have visited his grave, in the cemetery adjacent to what was, in my time known as The Workhouse. It was a distressing visit.I do not know if you have seen the film, or have read the book, "Goodnight Mr.Tom", about a wartime evacuee and the man who became his guide and mentor, (played by the late John Thaw), but Mr .William H Roberts was my Mr.Tom Oakley, and then some!! We had become virtually Father and Son; Then my parents stepped in, without any prior warning, and brought it all to an end. Something for which I was never able to forgive them. I retired at the age of 65 in 1999, and the older that I get, the more embittered,about the unfairness of their action I have become. I am now trying to tie up loose ends. Now to Dick Salmon. Dick and I walked to school together, from No .28 and No.30 Ardd Fawr, for 11 years. We played Rugby together for DGS, we messed about all over Dolgellau with our other pals, both male and female;We cycled and walked from places as far apart as Llanfachreth , and Arthog, and Barmouth. We roamed through Coed Fronallt, and as far away as the Precipice Walk, as free as birds.We grew up together in those wonderful days before the advent of television and Game Boy and Wii. During school holidays ,and at weekends we went to "John Willy "Humphries farm, on the Llanfachreth road and ploughed, sowed, reaped and harvested, with Horses, and a Fordson Major tractor,from 0700hrs to 2200hrs., and then walked home happily,whistling in the dark.I am sure that you get the picture of what an idyllic life it was back in those "golden days" of our youth. Then it came , for me, to a sudden stop. The memories however, live on.

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